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Construction Project Management Courses

Basic Process & Concepts in Construction Project Management & Scheduling


Critical path & total float in construction project management courseIn this first of seven online construction project management courses, experts, Ann Tomalavage, P.E., PMP, LEED AP, and Frank Walker, P.Eng., PMP, first offer a brief history of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Next, they discuss the evolution of project management from the mainframe to the PC. Our experts then talk about total float and the logic that ties activities together. They show participants how to break down a project into activities and tie those activities together using logic. In addition, the use of milestones is considered, as well as constraints and how they affect the project schedule. The session ends with a review of negative float, planning and templates.

Construction Project Management Course Objectives

milestones & constraints in construction project management courseAfter successful completion of this session students should gain an understanding of:

  • The history of Project Management (PM)
  • PM Software Tools such as Microsoft Project (concepts apply to other project management software)
  • The Critical Path Method (CPM), Critical Path and Total Float
  • Predecessors and Successors
  • Milestones, Constraints and Negative Float
  • Planning, templates and how to check logic